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Cancer Prevention Study 3

There are almost 13.7 million individuals in America who are survivors of cancer. There are numerous of the people who have avoided cancer and they are the ones who have joined the cancer prevention study having their birthdays as very significant milestone. More than 300,000 women and men took part of the movement for more birthdays in fighting back against cancer as they enrolled in a new research study which is regarded as the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3). The ultimate aim was to be able to enroll a minimum of 300,000 adults coming from different racial and ethnic backgrounds from across Puerto Rico and the United States.

researchforcancerCPS-3 is regarded as a grassroots effort wherein the local communities which are from across the country will be able to support the cancer research not only through the efforts to raise funds but also to have active participation with the historic research study. The goal of the study is to have better understanding of the factors which cause or prevent cancer and these include the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Moreover, the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3) aims to eliminate cancer as this is a major health concern for the next generations. When one joins the study, there will be more understanding in the prevention of cancer, thus, this will be saving lives and giving the individuals more of their precious time such as having more time with family and friends, more memories, more birthdays, and more celebrations.

In the study, the participants are going to be asked to do and undergo the following:

– read and sign the consent form
– complete the survey
– provide physical measurement like size of the waist
– give small blood sample which is the same to a health provider’s visit
– when at home:

• participants will be receiving periodic follow-up surveys
• participants will receive research updates by means of yearly newsletters

The American Cancer Society’s Epidemiology Research Program is funding and managing the CPS-3. The program will be conducting, analyzing, and publishing the original research on both of the causes and prevention of cancer by making use of the large follow-up studies. The participants are going to be followed for a minimum of twenty years. This will mean that the participants after being enrolled will be contacted every two years by means of mailed questionnaires for which they are required to answer. The amount of time in answering the questionnaire is minimal, which is approximately 45 minutes intended for the follow-up questionnaires.

Qualifications to enroll for the study:

• women and men aging between 30 and 65 years old
• having no personal history of cancer
• have the will in making a long-duration commitment to the study which has the involvement in the completion of periodic follow-up questionnaires

A cancer-free population is the preferred participants because when the person has cancer then the body will already have been affected by the disease, its treatment, or changes in lifestyle. This will lead to the difficulty in the collection of data and studying the prevention of the disease. Read this page to learn more about how the cancer prevention study can save lives.

Cancer Prevention Websites

Proper prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer early is vital to your health. One group that shares these goal for fellow Coloradans is the Colorado Cancer Coalition. Through their statewide network, they seek to improve the lives of the people in this state by providing research, early detection and treatment options for those afflicted with cancer.

A vital non-profit organization is the Colorado Cancer Research Program (CCRP). At this time they Offer trials for cancer control, supportive care, screen and diagnostics, prevention and treatment. Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer can find a broad range of resources at the Colorado Breast Cancer Resources Directory.


The team at 1-877-DRPIPES in Colorado Springs deserves our thanks for the work they’ve done contributing with the plumbing services and raising publicity for our events. We would also like to thank the researchers and physicians at the University of Colorado Cancer Center for their dedication to patient care and research.